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How Can I Split Very Long PDF Into Multiple A4 Pages?

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How Can I Split Very Long PDF Into Multiple A4 Pages?

Hello Readers, Don’t be worried about how to split or extract a particular or multiple pages from PDF. I recommend you to check my this answer. If you found this answer helpful UPVOTE this answer. This helps others solve th...

Split PDF: All You Need to Know

Read Full Comment An anonymous reader writes” There are two ways to extract a page from the PDF file. Both involve the use of the PDF “Open” button, or the “Show All Content” button. The “Show All Content” will produce an empty page and the “Open” will allow you to save the current page and then extract it or any other page. The advantage of using the “Show All Content” button is that it displays the whole document which, as far as I am involved, is faster. One thing that I find strange is that the PDF file is a file of PDF and if I open it I will find the file size is 8.4 MB. This file contains hundreds of documents. So it should have 8 or 9 MB size instead (if it is compressed, which it is not). Also, the file format is an .PPT.

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