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How Do I Split A PDF?

Hello Readers, Don’t be worried about how to split or extract a particular or multiple pages from PDF. I recommend you to check my this answer. If you found this answer helpful UPVOTE this answer. This helps others solve th...

Split PDF: All You Need to Know

Here are few useful tools for extracting PDF document in Windows: To extract PDF document in Windows 8 Click on Start button. Type Run and press Enter, and then follow instructions to run “command prompt”. Then type something like this and hit Enter: winding\System32\calc.exe -v -o %1.pdf %1.pdf.bin This will extract PDF document and save to the same folder as the file (in my case “%1.pdf”). The document will be displayed with the extension .pdf. To extract PDF document from PDF documents in Windows Vista/7 go to Start menu and type in “command prompt” It is similar to “C:\Windows\System32\calc.exe -v -o %1.pdf .cab “. To extract PDF document from PDF documents in Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 type “htmldoc.exe -v -o %1.pdf .pdf”. For other versions of this, use this link. A few helpful programs for extracting PDF documents  1) PDFXpress Express Extracts PDF document from multiple or multiple folders. This may be used to.

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