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PDF file is a practical file format for publishing and sharing information on the Internet. It’s quite practical for delivering ebooks, marketing texts, specialized or reference details, and statistics. The format is widespread and can also be seen on mobile devices.
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Portable Document Format is a result of the PostScript language made by Adobe Systems. PDF allows you to save images, vector images, and text in one file with various layout complexities. The file format is cross-platform and maintains precision when observing or printing pages, down to the tiniest details (spaces, signs, indents).
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How to split PDF with no installation:

Open pdf-splitting.com in a browser on PC or mobile.
Drag and drop the template to the website.
Edit your sample in the feature-rich editor.
Type text, highlight, blackout or erase it.
Extract pages from your documents.
Add watermarks and comments, place advanced fillable fields.
Click Done to proceed and download.
Save your paper, share it securely, or print out.

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Split PDF
Merge PDF
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PDF to Word
PDF to Excel
Word to PDF
Excel to PDF
Web to PDF
Mac PDF Conversion
Pages to Doc
Doc to Pages
Numbers to XLS
XLS to Numbers
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eSign PDF
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Share PDF
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What Our Customers Say

Systems Analyst
The simplest way to split PDF documents online when you don't have a lot of time. It is easy-to-use, fast, and efficient.
Police Officer
I find this editor extremely useful when I need to quickly edit PDF documents. I can easily split one PDF into separate files or remove unnecessary pages. Fast and easy!
This is the fastest service I've been able to find online. It's an indispensable tool for splitting a PDF. I like the fact that I can select individual pages to remove.

How to split your PDF for a better functioning

Use our ultimate online service to split your PDF or delete redundant pages professionally and easily.

Using Your Browser

on MS Windows

with Mac

Using Adobe Acrobat

How to split a PDF online using your browser

When you need to share the same document that contains some pages with confidential information, you should divide it into separate records. Split the form or delete unnecessary sheets if it was wrongly scanned with repeating pages. Doing this online is the fastest way, but it also should be safe. Our online service has a high level of data protection and ensures that your information and privacy stay secured. Split PDF into multiple files or delete needless pages using our platform. It has lots of extra features that you'll definitely like.
Follow these simple instructions:
Open the website and upload your form.
Use the editor panel to make adjustments.
Click Done and choose Split in the Manage Documents panel on the right.
Select pages you want to separate.
Choose Create another document for those you need to save in another file.
Click Split to apply changes.

With our service, splitting PDF into several samples is easy and gives additional opportunities.

Unlike some web tools that allow dividing a PDF by cutting the pages in a row only, our service gives you more. You may choose sheets in mixed order and create any number of copies after splitting. You can easily manage your templates with extra editing instruments, such as adding texts, dates, e-signatures, fillable fields, or blackouting private information. Try out the all-in-one secure service for your most effective work.

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How to split PDF online in MS Windows

Viewing and managing a Portable Document Format in Windows requires installing extra professional software, as this OS doesn't have a built-in program to view and edit PDFs. Microsoft Store suggests a lot of applications to install on your desktop. But if you need a fast and simple way to split PDF online without any installations, our web tool is a smart solution. Use pdf-splitting.com to break up your forms and create separate copies in a couple of clicks.
Here's the fast way to separating your files:
Open our platform in a browser.
Edit the document if needed.
Click Done and Split from the panel on the right.
Choose pages for your main form, and Create another document for your next copy.
Click Split to save the changes.
As there's no native PDF management software in Windows, our platform is the best way to operate your documents quickly and safely. This service gives you more than just splitting. It provides you with a full-feature editor to apply the most requested changes to your forms. Add an electronic signature, insert comments, put checkmarks, or highlight the most significant lines. Our all-in-one web tool responds to the most requested professional needs and provides data protection for your records. Try it now!

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How to split PDF online on a Mac

Managing your PDF files on Mac is simple, as it has a built-in Preview application to operate with all sorts of graphic files. It's included in macOS and helps you manage your forms offline and safely. It contains basic editing elements, allows you to convert files to different formats or add a signature to your document. It's a powerful tool for desktop work. Split PDF online into several small copies anytime from any place just with a few clicks.
Follow this simple instruction:
Open your PDF in the Preview application.
Choose View -> Thumbnails or View -> Contact Sheet.
Drag the chosen pages to a new template by creating it in the File menu.
The main advantage of Mac-native software is that it's totally secure and allows you to work with Portable Document Format offline. However, you may need not just to split pages, but also more functionality for processing your samples. Our ultimate web platform provides you with all the essential editing tools. Transform your professional documents by adding extra comments, marks, or filling out blank fields, including legal e-signature and many others. This service is more than just splitting pages in PDF, it's about making document management easier and more effective.

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How to split PDF online using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Systems creates the Portable Document Format. For this reason, it's Acrobat application is still popular and has a core functionality for managing forms. You can use Adobe online in your browser or offline as an installed desktop application.

Take notice that a free trial version lasts 7 days and has a limited number of options. You can experience most of the features only after buying a full subscription. Using this tool, you can split pages in PDF in several ways, the most prompt one is shown below.

Here's the guide on how to separate PDF :
Open your document in Adobe.
Choose Organize pages and click Split.
Choose whether you need to separate one or multiple pages.
Click Output options to specify the saving details for your new files.
Adobe is popular for being the first to operate with PDF and having basic managing options. If you find it inconvenient or want to try some new services, use our web platform as an alternative. You can divide effortlessly and safely. Additionally, you get access to the advanced editing features for the most effective work with your documents. This service is full of instruments for completing and signing your forms, rewriting the original text, and converting to various formats. This all-in-one tool is feature-rich and totally safe. Take the advantages right now!

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How to split PDF?
Open pdf-splitting.com in your browser to split PDF. Our tool is designed appropriately so that you can simply and efficiently divide any file directly from any device. Select a document and download it, then choose the pages you need and follow the instructions.
How to split PDF online?
With our tool, you can forget about installing software on your computer or phone. You can split PDF quickly and easily online using pdf-splitting.com. It allows you to manage your documents even on the go. Save your time enjoying the fast and secure document processing.
How to split PDF into multiple files?
Working with large documents you may need to split PDF into multiple pages. You no longer need to install any costly solution because we've designed an online service to work with PDFs in your browser. pdf-splitting.com has a clear interface and powerful functionality.
What is the best way to split PDF?
The best way to split PDF into smaller parts is to use a powerful online tool that you can try for free. This will significantly simplify the procedure and helps to create accurate documents online. Try pdf-splitting.com.
How to split PDF using Mac?
Type pdf-splitting.com in your browser on Mac, and you will get a universal solution for splitting PDF. Take advantage of using our online service without downloads on your Apple device any time you need it.
How to split PDF on a mobile device?
There are many programs for splitting PDF online. Still, if you use mobile in your work, you should try our cloud editor accessible from any device. Go to pdf-splitting.com and create the professional-looking documents in a few clicks.
Can I split PDF in Chrome?
Splitting PDF is a useful function, for example, for those who want to share information partially. Open Chrome and enter pdf-splitting.com. It works well on any platform and has super speed. Our online tool simplifies document processing and saves your time.
How to split PDF without registration?
Some services do not require registration for splitting PDF, but it can also be unsafe. If you are interested in protecting personal data, you should try our secure online service. Registration takes seconds and ensures that your information is safe.
How to split PDF on my laptop?
Splitting PDF is elementary, especially when you are working on a laptop. You can divide a large document into multiple pages for further use in business or professional activities. Besides, it's compatible with all the versions of Windows OS and other operating systems.